To Do List: Parks & Day Trips – London Summer 2014

While studying in London I wanted to be sure I was taking advantage of each day, whether that was finding a new park to read a book in, checking out a new restaurant before class or booking a table at a fancy night club. Every time I met a local here, especially in the first few weeks, I made sure to write down all the places they told me to go. While more gets added to the list each day, I have actually done a pretty good job of crossing things off. Check out some of the things I have done and still have to do:


  • Hyde Park: One of London’s largest parks that is perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed an afternoon here with one of my good friends Taylor who was visiting from Cheltenham, England for the weekend. Our spontaneous stroll through Kensington Gardens later us to Serpentine for a cup of Pimm’s with fresh fruit over looking the water. A lovely afternoon which I absolutely recommend!
  • Regent Park
  • Holland Park: Another beautiful park in one of my favorite areas of London, Kensington. It has a variety of different sections so just when you thought you saw it all, you stumble across the Kyoto Gardens or an opera house. We picked up a bottle of wine and spent the afternoon chatting and laughing in this beautiful escape from the busy atmosphere of Central London.
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Primrose Hill: A perfect spot for an evening picnic looking out at the London skyline. We picked up sushi and a bottle of wine (are you noticing my trend with picnics and wine yet?) and sat on the hill for a few hours surrounded by others doing the exact same thing. This ended up being one of my favorite nights here in London!
  • Saint James Park

Day Trips

  • Stonehenge: To be honest, Stonehenge was a bit underwhelming. I did it more to say I did it which is probably a poor attitude to have going into anything. On a more positive note, I did snap some great pictures as it is interesting to think how the stones became the way they did. I would recommend going if you have some time but don’t put it on the top of your list.
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Bath: Bath is a cute little city just about 100 miles west of London. With our Evan Evan’s Tours ticket we got a pass into the Roman Baths which was pretty interesting. I only wish we had more time to explore the city of Bath as the architecture and shops were amazing!
  • Brighton
  • Windsor Castle: It was a short trip from London to Windsor Castle and worth heading outside the city. The castle is quite large and filled with hundreds of years of history. If the flag on top of the castle is the royal flag rather than the U.K. flag it mean’s the queen is at the castle! We happened to be there on a day where the royal flag was flying, unfortunately no queen sightings though.
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon

My next post will be my to do list for markets and site seeing and in the near future I will post one about all the delicious, must-try meals and restaurants so keep an eye out for those! There is so much to do here and I know after my 8 weeks are up I will not have completed a fraction of them but I’ll do my best!

If you have any recommendations for other parks, day trips, or things I must do while I’m here PLEASE let me know!



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