Facebook Privacy: Think Twice Before You Post


In previous blog posts, I revealed how social media can increase the likelihood of getting a job.  However, just as easily as it can help you, many social media outlets can hinder your job search, especially Facebook. Students use Facebook as a way to communicate with others, share photos and videos and much more. Employers, on the other hand, use it to look up applicants to see if they are a good fit for their company. In fact, 93% of recruiters are likely to look at an applicant’s social profiles. With that being said, think twice before you post, it may just save your professional career.

According to the Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, 42% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile. The survey reveals, “more recruiters react negatively to profanity (65%) and grammar and punctuation errors in posts/tweets (61%) than references to alcohol use (47%).”  These statistics should be a wake up call to all young professionals. Being cautious of what you’re posting on Facebook doesn’t stop at cropping out the beer bottle in the background of a photo. Now you must check your posts for grammar, spelling, punctuations and profanities.

Having a clean, polished and professional online brand is essential for success. A Mashable article further supported this idea by quoting Ryan Cohn, vice president of social/digital operations at What’s Next Marketing, “whenever I evaluate a potential employee, I always take a look at what is publicly visible on their Facebook profile,” says Cohn. “On two separate occasions, I have rejected entry level prospects (finishing their senior year of college) for featuring firearms in their profile picture. Both were qualified in terms of experience and otherwise would have been worthy of an interview.”

Not on Facebook? Don’t think you can get off easy. Lewis Maltby, President of the National Workrights Institute stated in an interview, “Not participating in social media isn’t really an option.” He said people in the workforce can be active online, but smart at the same time.

Now it’s time to increase your privacy settings, delete any items you wouldn’t want an employer to see and further monitor your online posting. Here are some guidelines to follow before you click “post” on your next status update: 7 Posts That Could Potentially Ruin Your Career from Business News Daily. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


One thought on “Facebook Privacy: Think Twice Before You Post

  1. rdvorin18 says:

    I think this post is really informative for people looking for jobs in any industry. Social media does seem like a must, especially when it comes to networking and finding a job. Employers do like to look at potential employee’s social media pages to see who they may or may not hire. I think that this advice and these statistics are really important for any student in college in order to see the importance of thinking twice before posting anywhere. It is important to show personality, but students should always, always, ALWAYS double check before posting. I found it really interesting that employers find spelling errors worse than alcohol posts. People always focus on “censoring” pictures, but people should focus on using correct grammar and spelling as well! After all, employers will need people who know how to write correctly.

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